Blake Thomson was born in Albuquerque (USA) and started making music at an early age. After a few years of violin lessons, his love of jazz led him to start playing the double bass at the age of 17. A year later, a scholarship enabled him to study at Arizona State University with Dan Swaim and Catalin Rotaru. Catalin Rotaru also encouraged Blake's desire to study in Europe.

Since 2006, Blake Thomson has studied with Petru Iuga at the Mannheim University of Music, where he completed his Master's degree in 2012.

He has played with the Staatsorchester Stuttgart and the Bochumer Symphoniker, among others, and has worked with composers such as Phillip Glass, Gunther Schuller and Fabio Vacchi. In addition to his activities in the orchestra, Blake also performs with various jazz ensembles in Europe and the USA. He has been a member of the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn since 2013.